A God’s Nocturne (The Gods of Airin: Book 1)

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Preview of up-coming story:

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A God’s Nocturne

In progress
Novel length
Series: The God’s of Airin (Book 1)
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Release date: TBA
Cover Art: Heidi Dehnhardt

In Saeri, it’s said their chief deity, the God of Night & Creation; Reai, abducts a young person – either male or female – as sacrifices to keep a peaceful and fertile earth, every 200 years.
A young adult, Adrian, moves to Creto City after his village had to migrate due to drought. He first meets homeless girl, Livana, the day of her graduation ceremony. After saving her from her near-murder, Adrian takes Livana into his home to look after her and happily providing a home for her. He eventually begins courting her, according to Creto’s customs at first, trying to bring her out of her shell. As Livana falls more and more in love, she notices subtle changes in Adrian’s behaviour. Little does she know of his secret. When she finds out, it could change her life in such a big way.

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